White string coming out of fish

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Why is there white strings coming out the side of your fancy goldfish?
One of my bettas show some white strings coming out of its anus. I took the betta out and pull the strings off its anus. That things actually move! I'v
i have this sticky white stuff coming out of my vagina and i dont know what it is.And i clean my self daily
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WILDERNESS WAY ALBANY RIVER JOURNAL June 29 - August 12, 2001. Being the account of a 35-day wilderness whitewater canoe adventure on White string coming out of fish Ontario
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Tropical Fish Forums: Gourami With A White String Coming Out - Tropical Fish Forums
This fish has been the perfect addition to my 140 gallon mixed reef it is a fun and lively fish very pretty if you see its coulurs compared to the sandbed they stand .
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Best Answer: It's poo but the fish obviously hasn't been fed for awhile, either that or it has a parasite which causes long stringy white poo. One goldfish .

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Best Answer: when the poop is stringy and white. its most likely a parasite. Dont worry though. all you need is this medicine: Jungle labs: parasite clear White string coming out of fish its .
Toddler has yellow stringy stuff coming out of eyes My fish has white stuff coming out of its stomach White stuff coming out of betta stomach
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