Tighty whities husband

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Russell Brand bares all while taking in the gorgeous spring weather on Saturday (May 7) in Miami Beach, Florida. The 35-year-old actor spend the day .
[Archive] Tighty Whities Are Not My Style The BBQ Pit
Originally Posted by Reignbaux_boi91 I'm a boxer guy myself. I've kinda defaulted my preferences to guys in boxers or those who freeball, because it
Buying Tighty Tighty whities husband Whities. like hanes.. whats your experience/thoughts? so i bought some new tighty whites the other day.. just plain ones.. I'm so glad
Is it wrong for a grown man to wear tighty whities? No, he can wear tights if he wants! Or no underwear at all. If it's okay for 12-year old girls to walk around .
Best Answer: lol! That is too funny. yes! Do it!! And a big, ole Playtex pointy bra to go with them. sure, if men want us to look fabulous for them, they are going to .
Best Answer: my dad does. ewwww my boyfriend wears these little tight kinda short thingies with a dick pouch. i nearly laughed at him when i first saw them.
I've been trying to convince my husband to switch to tighty whities. Not a permanent switch, mind you, but in sort of a "hey, I'm happy to wear some uncomfortable .
Best Answer: Get some low riser fashion briefs, cost more but comfortable, and not ugly or worthless-not supporting like boxers. Just ignore any teasing, most guys .
By Jeannieology Huma Abedin, aka Mrs. Anthony Weiner, has dropped off the map for a few days. Apparently Huma, embarrassed wife of the seriously disturbed New York

Tighty whities husband

Best Answer: so who cares if u ware tighty whities thats u . yuck . If you don't look as good as David Beckham in them, then
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