Pin prick rash on hands and arms

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What Would Be Red Pinprick Like Itchy Burning Rash On Legs And Arms. What Would Be Red Pin prick rash on hands and arms Pinprick Like Itchy Burning Rash On Legs And Arms Read More
Health Issues > General Health . I have this tiny pinprick red dots all over my arms and chest, there are about 20 on . Quote: Originally Posted by Angelwing I .
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I have a itching burning rash on my legs and hips , and arms can you tell me what it is. My legs are driving driving me nuts with , red burning rash what can you tell .
Best Answer: I'm not sure, you could be having a breakout from something you might be allergic too.

Pin prick rash on hands and arms

I'm allergic to some detergents and when I wash in something with .
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pinprick - MedHelp's pinprick Center for Information, Symptoms, Resources, Treatments and Tools for pinprick. Find pinprick information, treatments for pinprick and .
It was most likely something you touched. Of course, this depends on several factors (What does the rash look like?; Is it itchy or painful?; What were you doing with .
what causes little red dots on hands and arms? Posted by admin on December 17th, 2010 03:12 PM. Under Allergic Rash
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